T.S.I グループは海外進出中、またご検討されている企業様向けにオフィス、商業施設、公共施設などの内装・オーダー家具取り付けなどを行う、東南アジアで事業展開しています日系企業です。
  • 快適なオフィス環境づくりのために
  • ホテルやレストラン等案件向け家具製作・輸出
  • 施工実績

東南アジアでビジネスをお考えのお客様 / For customers who are thinking of doing business in Thailand and Southeast Asia countries


Thai Sankei International is mainly engaged in any interior works and custom-made furniture of office, commercial facility, factory, hotel, ODA and any other facilities and the installation for companies aiming to expand overseas. Instead of the general image of an interior work that emphasizes efficiency, we will reconsider the space from various perspectives such as “comfortable environment” and “trustworthiness of visitors” to support the creation of space that will generate comprehensive profit. In addition to Bangkok, we have offices in Hanoi / Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, Phnom Penh in Cambodia, and Yangon in Myanmar. And we can support you in other countries such as Europe, Africa, North/South America as we’ve done so. So please feel free to consult us when establishing offices, commercial space and any other facility.